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About Us

I used to jump out of bed at 5:30am like I was already late for the day. There was so much to do. I had a lot on my plate and a lot of people relying on me to get it done. I liked to push boundaries on what can be achieved.

As a leader in the corporate world, I was comfortable carving my own path to achieve greater success. Obstacles were just something that didn’t have a solution yet. A problem to be solved. I encouraged others to do the same, challenging them to think outside the square to tackle problems and approach things in a different way. Challenging them, mentoring them to learn and adapt their style: regroup and redirect when necessary. I gained a reputation for building high performing teams to recover complex, off track projects to deliver a successful outcomes in crazy timeframes.

I always challenged myself to achieve more; be more, have more happiness, you name it; I had energy to burn. That is until I burnout (and more than once).

I immersed myself in the dynamics of human behaviour, communications to understand how the mind and body interlinks to achieve peak performance. Discovering true resilience is more than just pushing on through.

Now, my passion is working with others to help them achieve maximum results in a truly productive, sustainable way. I facilitate, train and mentor on all aspects of building high performing delivery teams, growing corporate influence, and maintaining resilience whilst under pressure.

Let’s grab a coffee and chat about how my passion for helping people excel in a sustainable way can benefit your own life or your organisation.

Michelle Sorrensen

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