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Thriving Relationships Program

The Thriving Relationships Program is a hands on training/coaching program designed to equip couples with the knowledge and tools for a fabulous, healthy and strong relationship.

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MAKE 2019 YOUR YEAR TO BE HEARD FREE Training Webinar – “The Language of Influence”

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2 day course Speak with confidence and impact

2 day course – Speak with confidence and impact. Enhance your influence, skyrocket your career

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“I saw Michelle give a seminar at Morgan McKinley on how to speak with confidence. I wanted to do the course but wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. When I did the two full days, I found it gave me everything I needed to do right now in my job. So it met every expectation, I learnt a lot.”

2 day Speak with Confidence & Impact Course

- Donella Fardoulis – Business Analyst, Mortgage Choice
Michelle recently did a talk / presentation to some of our contracting community on the topic of ‘Workplace Well-being – how to thrive at work’. Myself, the team and our contracting audience all gave very positive feedback around the content and learnings as well as it being a refreshing well-being topic being discussed.  There were some great tips shared, some being very simple yet very effective and easy to implement, on how to reduce stress in the workplace along with understanding what can trigger stress. The team at Morgan McKinley have worked with Michelle a number of times now and have always found her to be a friendly, inclusive and engaging speaker. Thanks for partnering with us
Workplace Wellbeing  Seminar – “How to thrive at work”
- Helen Lovering – Morgan McKinley

I have always been a nervous presenter. I had an important presentation looming when I heard of Michelle’s presentation course. I found the day very enlightening, she took a very personal approach understanding what skills I specifically needed to develop. We were able to use my upcoming presentation as an example. This resulted in me losing pretty much all the powerpoint slides I had prepared and presenting without, very much out of my comfort zone! She coached me through it giving me a lot more confidence and I actually enjoyed giving the presentation on the day. I have continued to use the skills she taught me and have changed my presentation style not only for formal presentation but in small group teaching sessions. I would highly recommend it to anyone giving presentations or indeed teaching others.

1:1 Presentation Skills Training

- Tara Brown – Paediatric Consultant

Morgan McKinley engaged Michelle to run a seminar on “the language of influence” for our contractor base as we know many people struggle with speaking/presenting.  Michelle presented to a room of 40 contractors and was great, she has a very engaging style and is very warm and inclusive when presenting. The content covered in a short space of time was great and Michelle got the whole room thinking with some real life examples to takeaway and put into practice.  The feedback from all attendees was very positive and everyone left the room with a bag full of tips on how to present/speak with more confidence.   We look forward to partnering with Michelle again in the future.  

The Language of Influence Seminar

- Jonty Plewes – Morgan McKinley

I was due to return to work post my second baby and was dreading it (far more than I did first time around!) I attended Michelle’s return to work course a little unsure of what to expect. It was a really enjoyable day, I was not only able to see the looming return to work more positively but felt I had some strategies lined up to manage the inevitable stress of managing work and family life. We were able to explore practical solutions to childcare and ‘plan B’s. We also spent a fair amount of time discussing self care to prevent burn out, something I hadn’t really considered. Would highly recommend the workshop to anyone returning to work post a 1st, 2nd (or 3rd ) baby!

Back to work after Baby workshop

- Tara Brown – Paediatric Consultant

I have worked with Michelle on a number of occasions now; in working on my own public speaking and also in partnership for one of my health and fitness challenges aimed specifically at mums. Both myself and my clients have found her work hugely useful and insightful. Michelle brings a wonderful energy to everything she does so if you are looking for a coach I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

1:1 Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training | 8 week Mums Mindset Coaching Program

- Jen Dugard – Founder Body Beyond Baby

Michelle facilitated a company behavioural analysis and profiling program that was engaging and very effective in developing techniques on how our team can improve. Our company goal was to learn as a team considering individual communication, motivation and working styles to ultimately create a performance environment with great communication.

Michelle has a great approach and provided a equal playing field for the team to learn and explore, while considering individual needs. As a founder and experienced manager, I learned techniques to modify my approach and communicate more effectively based on individual needs.”

EDISC Group Training and Individual Coaching

- Glenn – CTO & Partner, Conn3cted

Speak with Confidence and Impact” was a transformational experience for me.  I signed up for the course to get some tips to help me with my public speaking skills, without realizing how much more I would learn!  Michelle taught me so much about how different people operate, communicate and interact.  This was extremely helpful for me to understand my own drivers, as well as improving my abilities to influence and inspire others.  I highly recommend this for anyone who needs to present, pitch or report as part of their role.”

Speak with Confidence & Impact Course

- Carolyn Trickett – Head of Business Technology, Jones Lang LaSelle

My time with Michelle was nothing short of life changing. She provides a safe and trustworthy environment through her calm and ever so patient demeanour which in turn allows her technique uninhibited access to the deepest parts of your memory. As well as confronting the most prominent experiences in your life she also draws out your forgotten memories, both good and bad, allowing you to truly understand how poignant they have been in shaping your current life. This is only one part of an extremely thorough treatment. I couldn’t recommend Michelle more highly. She is a life changer. Thank you Michelle.

Personal Transformation Day + 1:1 Coaching

- Nick – Individual Coaching Client

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I’m Michelle

I used to jump out of bed at 5:30am like I was already late for the day. There was so much to do. I had a lot on my plate and a lot of people relying on me to get it done. I liked to push boundaries on what can be achieved.

As a leader in the corporate world, I was comfortable carving my own path to achieve greater success. Obstacles were just something that didn’t have a solution yet. A problem to be solved. I encouraged others to do the same, challenging them to think outside the square to tackle problems and approach things in a different way. Challenging them, mentoring them to learn and adapt their style: regroup and redirect when necessary. I gained a reputation for building high performing teams to recover complex, off track projects to deliver a successful outcomes in crazy timeframes.

I always challenged myself to achieve more; be more, have more happiness, you name it; I had energy to burn. That is until I burnout (and more than once).

I immersed myself in the dynamics of human behaviour, communications to understand how the mind and body interlinks to achieve peak performance. Discovering true resilience is more than just pushing on through.

Now, my passion is working with others to help them achieve maximum results in a truly productive, sustainable way. I facilitate, train and mentor on all aspects of building high performing delivery teams, growing corporate influence, and maintaining resilience whilst under pressure.

Let’s grab a coffee and chat about how my passion for helping people excel in a sustainable way can benefit your own life or your organisation.

Michelle Sorrensen

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